HI. I'm just a beginner in electric guitars and I dont know where to start.
I have a friend that likes metal and I hate it and he is bragging everytime and it SUCKS.
I like rock,blues,punk and screamo.
You guys know better than I do so please help me.

Play songs you like. Don't make guitar too much of a chore. If you enjoy playing, then you learn faster imo. At least that's what I did. And I've been playing every day for almost 2 years.
smoke on the water! start with that, just play ur favorite stuff. the best thing to do is play what u love. then practice more fun and less of a chore
In speed versus emotional playing, i think of an M16 versus an M24. You can have 650 rounds per minute, or one round, one kill. Both should be in your arsenal.

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what the hell do you want. you go into the guitar tech threads and say im a beginner tell me what to do.

why don't you try reading the lessons on here for beginners and perhaps listen to music that doesn't suck (aka not screamo).
Um, pratice pratice pratice, I dont know how many times I can say this. You have to learn your basics first before you can even start to get into the good stuff. Like, how to play a G chord, learn all your chords, all your power chords, and all your diminished notes. The easy basic stuff. After you get that mastered you can move onto tabs and start learning your faovrite songs. Get a guitar book for beginners, go the the guitar video lessons on this site, theres hundreds of them for FREE. Make great use of this site, it has everything you need to get you started.
Well first of all check out the lessons on here. Second, learn chords. Lots and lots of chords. Learn daily warm ups, and scales. Scales will help you with writing songs and improvising. Other then that just as I said before check out all the lessons on here. It'll seem like a lot to take in at first but if you follow them and put lots of effort in you'll find it easy and most importantly FUN

Hope I helped in some way. And just remember, if it's not fun you're doing it wrong

Also, This thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1090693

Make good use of it
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First of all, get a guitar teacher. That will save you years in the long run. Other than that, open chords, simple riffs, the pentatonic scale, start learning the names of the notes on the fretboard. Good luck, and have fun!