I've been looking for a fast celtic punk band, but without the distortion and drums. Like a band with a mandolin, acoustic guitar, and fiddle. a good example of the sound that i'm looking for is an unsigned band called Dancin' Knuckles. also i don't really like bands that r just instrumental.
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floggin molly. do it. seriously. it is so what u need. go. now.

edit: oops, i sped read. its distorted and drums. my bad. im ready to be shunned and/or flamed
In speed versus emotional playing, i think of an M16 versus an M24. You can have 650 rounds per minute, or one round, one kill. Both should be in your arsenal.

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I still say to give Floggin' Molly a try
They're probably as close as you're gonna get, and they're great.