So this is a old song that I remixed, hasent been posted on UG yet except for the drumless version. Its a fun faced paced high gain track, sounds more like a backing track, but who cares, its upbeat. But it does only consist of 5 chords, with a few notes thrown in there from the chords used. Really simple song, and just rythem guitar. Hows it sound? What do ya'll think of it? Too boring? Too simple? Interesting? Really bad idea and I need to go kill myself?


If you leave a linky I'll crit your.
Has a good saturated distortion sound. The drums sound sort-of fake - but that's to be expected. I like the ideas. The number of chords in a song don't really matter - simplicity sometimes talks more than the most complex ideas in songs.

A lead would make the song much better me thinks. And some bass. Overall a good start though.