its been six months since i bought my squire. i felt like doing this after looking at some strat's and tele's in my local guitar shop. so the tools i used to get it all done was fine (??? grit) sand paper, 3 key chains around the house, a knife, screw driver, some water, some dirt, grease from pan after breakfast, and a lot more stuff just laying around. i kinda like how it came out but it doesn't sound good on low watt amps.

(i broke my two tone controls but i don't use them that much anyway)

ps. i'll be replacing the pickguard and pickups with a prewired one from guitar fetish.

i think the relic looks too fake and cheesy in some spots
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That was a really pretty guitar, squire or not...

Key word being was.
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That was a really pretty guitar, squire or not...

Key word being was.

i know. there's some days when i looked at it and said "wtf did i do"
It looks more like you threw it from a moving vehicle than you actually tried to relic it. It doesn't look like it's been played it just looks like it's been beaten to shit
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dude wtf did you do. you can tell its fake if you want a relic guitar you have to buy one and wait 40 years lol
I guess this is a firm reminder, that we are not all SRV.

you shoulda just sanded down the finish slightly, and left it at that. the dings and wear would come on their own once you sand down the finish, becuase the poly outer coat makes a really thick barrier between reality, and your guitar's finish. how much research did you do?
Thats not a relic - thats a roughed up in an alley, pissed on and raped look



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