Australian HSC subject
i have to do my P.I.P (personal interest project)
I know i want it to be about music
but not sure what.
my friends doing 'music through the decades'
i can't do that.

do it on music's role in a big event. for instance, the messages sent out through music, the way soldiers used it, and the way civillians used music in the states during the vietnam war and 60's to convey their ideas and rebellious actions against the government. something along those lines maybe? or how and why music gets popular. why did punk rock make such a huge ruckus in england? why were people so threatened by 'punks'? what made others associate with them and adopt their ideals? or possibly pick a musical movement and talk about what started and fueled it, and conclude with why it died, or won't die.
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or maybe the mods and rockers culture in the UK
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Do "the progression of rock and roll"

I did that in my Sociology class in high school and I actually had fun doing it.
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