Probaby getting a Waden G630CE for Christmas, so I was wondering what experiences people have had with this brand/model?

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i just bought one today, and its amazing, really woody tone. i fell in love with it as soon as i played it, its so nice

i'll probably end up doing either a NGD thread or ask a mod if i can do an AOTM on it, so keep your eyes peeled
I love my D550ce. It has a really rich and deep sound even for a laminate B/S. The playability is average, not bad at all, but could use some improvement out of the box. The Fishman pickup system it has is so-so, but easy to work with and perfectly acceptible for the average gig. It actually sounds really good when I run it through my Aphex Acoustic Xciter.

Waldens are well built and seriously the best budget acoustic I've ever come across. I think I've heard people say that Walden got it's start being somewhat of a budget Taylor copy. I dont agree completely, but I do see the attempts here and there. In other words, enjoy your very nice guitar, man!

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