Ok, so my dad's friend had this guitar and he didnt know how to play it so he gave it to my dad to give to me. Its a really nice guitar, and I know its a Fender. Does anyone know what kind? Does it have a specific name?
Fender 1.jpg
Fender 2.jpg
fender 3.jpg
Looks like an American Standard or Deluxe Strat. I can't see the bridge clearly.
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I'm pretty sure that's an American Standard Strat
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stndard. deluxe has mop inlays im pretty sure

Abolone inlays.

But it's an MIA Standard. You lucky git
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Abolone inlays.

But it's an MIA Standard. You lucky git

So does that mean its rare? And ill get a picture of the bridge for you guys to see, if it makes a difference.
Do you play guitar? If you don't, I would go get lessons. That would be a super-nice guitar for you to start on. Hell, it'd be a good guitar for anyone, starter or pro.
I do play guitar, dont get me wrong here. I just dont know the value/rarity of them. This is gonna be my 3rd guitar I have, so Im probably gonna end up selling my epiphone les paul, since this one is clearly better than it.
It's not rare. Just costs a pretty penny. I'd thank your Dad's friend A TON! Hell, I'm trying to save up and buy one of them! (Different color of course) If you went to buy it now it would be anywhere from $850 - $1200. Not sure what the 2000 is worth exactly. Keeper for sure!
I wouldn't sell the les paul. The strat isn't "better" as it were it's just more expensive, there will be things your les paul will be better at. unless it's an Epi les paul special. But if it's a standard or custom, it's pretty good guitar. You may aswell have 2 good guitars instead of one.
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