Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a new guitar.
These are the requiments:
Strat shape,This is the most comfortable shape i ever played with.
Maple neck and fingerboard.
A strat style trem or a strat style without a whammy and that it's blocked.
Not to heavy woods,I need it to play things for school standing.
22 frets.
Preffered:No showoff inlays(just dotted).
Not higher than €600(I don't know how much $ that is).
I was gonna say fender fat strat but I think it got discontinued. If you can find one online, I recommend it. Good luck.
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Yeah, the HSS-Fenders are pretty good and in your price range. Other than that, the Ibanez RGs are pretty good as well.
Quote by RocknRollRay
I was gonna say fender fat strat but I think it got discontinued. If you can find one online, I recommend it. Good luck.

No, they still make them...

Anyway, since you want 22 frets, have a look for a used MIA HSS Strat. Or, you could see if you can pick one of these up somewhere:


Or, you could go for something like this:


That has a HSH set up, but in the 2nd and 4th positions of the switch, then it's got a coil split to get single coil tones. It's full of win basically.
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Quote by xDarrellx87x
Trust me and hurry up to guitar center there is one particular
guitar you must find for a mega deal. The Schecter C1+
was on sale for 399 and use to cost 650 so it was marked
down!! you can change the pickups on it but you get a high
quality ALL mahogany guitar even neck no maple, and it
sounds pretty amazing stock but even better with different pickups

I got the color thats not available on the web site but all the gutiarcenters
carry the one I got


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Gain boost Switch
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Today I saw a fender strat with 22 frets at my local guitar store,I was in a hurry so i didn't have time to try it its €300 out of my price range but it LOOKS like it is worth it.
Gonna try it tough.