I wasn't sure where to put this thread...

I bought a Takamine 12 string worth £500 for £300 from the andertons.co.uk sale a few weeks ago hoping to sell it for £400 on eBay for a small profit.

BUT! The guitar came and the action was really high. REALLY high. So I sent the guitar back to andertons, who have since sent the guitar back to the Takamine (Fender) factory to have it properly looked at. That was a month ago! Every time I phone them they say it's at the factory and will let me know further developments.

To be honest I just want my £300 back! How do I go about this? I'm well over my 7 day money back guarantee (and my 30 day exchange guarantee) but I did only have the guitar at home for a few days and it was unplayable. Do I just phone them up and ask them for my money back? They did go to the trouble of collecting it and sending it back to Takamine... so I don't really want to come across as a dick.

If you contacted them with the problem within that 7 days, then you should be OK. But a month is too long for them to have it. Call them and ask for a manager, politely explain the situation and ask for a refund.
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