Hallo good people of UG.
I come to you asking for your help and advice regarding the purchase of a new amp.

I am currently playing in a band and we have been gigging for around 6months. At the moment i dont have an amp that is adequate enough to gig with so i keep having to borrow other peoples and its about time got a new one. Heres the deal with what i am after. I have a budget of around £500. (i may be able to push to £600) I need something that i can carry around so i have been looking at combo's and i really want to avoid a solid state amp if possible. But it also needs to be loud enough for me to use in smallish venues if the amp is not mic'd up. I play an EC-1000 with emg's and use pedals for my effects so i need something with a very good clean sound and the type of music i tend to play is quite heavy rock like coheed and cambria, InMe and also a bit of punk.

I have been to a lot of music stores around where i live as i didnt really want to buy off the net without trying anything but i think i may end up having to do that. The stores around here are pretty rubbish and all sell the same things. The only 2 i have been able to try that i liked were the fender hot rod deluxe de ville (but our other guitarist is buying that and i dont want to sound the same) and a peavey valveking 212.

i have seen a couple on the internet that look ok like the behringer bugera 333xl 212 and their 6262 212. does anyone know what these are like and is there anything else you guys can suggest?
Maybe have a look at the Peavey 6505 combo, it's about £450
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I am selling a valveking 212 with upgraded speakers and footswitch. Look at my sig Please let me know if you are interested. It is in GREAT condition.
The Bugeras are VERY good sounding, though I've heard of reliability issues but they mostly seem to be user fault. And what company that's only a couple of years old doesn't have some problems?

I actually might suggest the V22 or V55, depending on how loud you need to be. GREAT Vox/Fender-ish cleans.

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Why wouldnt you want to sound the same?
You wont sound exactly the same. And its better to sound close then completely different IMHO.
When one amp sounds high pitched and squeally then the other sounds deep and roary and you put them together it just sounds like pure crap.
So I think you should get that Hot Rod.
I would take your pedals and guitar down to the shop and play through it like your playing your band and see if you really like it.
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-Cort KX5 (pearl white)
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-Danelectro Cool Cat
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Do you think my amp would suit him?

I havent tried it out but its been recommended quite a bit around here.
I think you guys should get together and let him try it out with his pedals and what not.
Talk to the TS about it.
My gear so far:

-Cort KX5 (pearl white)
-Crybaby Wah
-Danelectro Cool Cat
-Fender Twin Reverb 65' Reissue
-Hardwire TL2
My amp is really versatile and now get great tone thanks to the new speakers. If you want, TS, I can make a demo of my amp mic'd up if you are interested in buying it or you can come to my house to try it out. The amp, speakers and footswitch cost around £550 brand new.