Hey guys, just getting some new gear.
Bought myself a Laney LV300 amplifier (yeah, not awesome, but the right size and price for me), Boss GT10 and Snapjack cables.

I am supposed to be ordering a Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6 FR (yes, the limited edition ^^) but the postage information hasn't been given to me yet...

Because I kind of want to get it over and done with, I was looking at a few other guitars, including a used '06 Gibson Explorer. Any other ideas? My budget is about $1400AU (after the australian customs import taxes and other costs)

Thanks guys
and I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum area... I'm not sure which one it should go in.
Well, I'd wait till you can get postage information and all that. It's a lot better to wait for what you want rather than get a comprimise, and then find out you can actually get what you want and be dissapointed.

And any specs that you particually like? Like Floyds or active pickups or anything?
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Maybe go into Billy Hyde and ask em if you can get one ordered in?
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Well, I will probably use the guitar mostly for Opeth and Cradle of Filth, a little Iron Maiden, System Of A Down, stuff like that. I really like guitars with the single cut - be it a LP or a Explorer, even an telecaster. I would prefer to have the two humbuckers and split coil - I am aware that Paul Allender is currently using pretty much identical hardware on a different body.
I like carved tops (especially with Flamed or Quilted Maple). 24 frets is also desirable, given the music I intend to play.
on billy hyde: It would appear they don't have a whole lot in stock. Checked out the jacksons, but they are all bolt on at my price point (Nothing wrong with bolt on on a strat, but I don't like how the joint feels... Played a Jackson RR last year, bolt on 24 frets, tunomatic. It was nice, but I wouldn't buy it)
Also, there is only a few Solo 6 FRs left, so it would be lucky if they could get one. As far as I know they don't stock the standard Hellraiser Solo 6 either