I'm going to sell a line 6 spider 2, and a fbv express controller. Both in excellent condish. The fbv was £75 I think. and the spider was like £130. So I reckon, if I sell them as a package (it was a long time ago I bought them) I could maybe make £150/40 maybe?

Now. Here is my problem. My mum and kind of stepdad think its a bad idea to sell it on ebay because the cost of P&P will be too much and I won't have a good profit by the end of it. This is my first time selling on Ebay, and I thought I'd get you handsome people to give me some advice on it, as I am so inexperienced. Do you think its a good idea to sell it on the bay? or should I put it in the local paper, like they suggested. Tbh I don't think it'll sell in the paper.

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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
Of course you would be better of if you sold it to a guy in your town without paying P&P, but it will be much easier to sell it on eBay. Try the paper first, then eBay.
kijiji or craigslist.
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if its used, people will be wanting it for a low price and you most likely will lose money when compared to what its actually worth...

the only great thing about selling it on there is that the odds of it selling are pretty high so i would use ebay as a last resort...
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You just pass the cost of the P&P onto them. You set a bidding or buy it now price, then just set the postage and packing to whatever it is. Personally, I always send stuff Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded, so it's bit more expensive but If i'm selling a guitar, I'd rather not take the chance. I just sold an Epi Les Paul for £150 - the thing was too long so it had to go by courier, which cost me £27 out of my own pocket as the bastard wouldn't pay for it, but he already had it by the time I got around to e-mailing him the fact I'd like him to pay for it.
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Its a Line 6 Spider...just throw it away.

That's really getting old now, they really aren't that bad.

It's gunna depend on the size of your amp I think, if it's small enough you can take it to the post office, if not then you'd have to arrange a courier, or just sell locally so the guy can come pick it up.

I can't imagine the cost being anymore then £30 though.
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Ok well I'm gonna have a go at putting it in the newspaper. How much do you think I should put it up for? I'm think £150 as it comes with a wah/volume pedal and footswitch. But I don't know if thats a bit high. hmm..
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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On Topic: Your best bet is a local ad, though IDK how many people would want a Spider II. EBay is definitely your last, best hope if you can't sell it anywhere else though.
Well unsuspecting children and their parents for christmas is my target ahwell. As long as I get something for it, I'll be ok. I just need a bit of money for a TC electronic nova repeater. *licky lips sign*
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
If you're planning on selling it on eBay you can always set a reserve. That is the absolute least amount of money that you are willing to sell it for. If peoples' bids don't reach or go past the reserve then you can just re-list the item. I don't know what P&P is, but if that is shipping and handling, you make the buyer pay for that. Just take the amp down to your nearest post office and have them estimate a shipping charge.

There are pros and cons of using ebay over another website. The pro is ebay is pretty much a global market, meaning anyone around the world can bid and potentially buy your item. The downside is ebay and paypal will charge you a little bit of money to use their services.

You can go with another website, such as craigslist, which is free. However, craigslist isn't *as* popular as ebay, so it may take longer for you to sell your amp. But, you won't have to pay anything. Just make sure if you do sell your amp through a free ad listing website that you clearly state that you will only accept cash and it is for pick-up only. If anyone offers you a check or asks you to ship it, DELETE THAT EMAIL.
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