What is the difference in sound between semihollow guitar (335) and a solid (Les Paul)? Pros and cons? I want a warmer and fuller clean sound than a solid body but still have enough bite for Zep-riffs, is a 335 the way to go? Alvin Lee, Jorma Kaukonen and Eric Clapton are the only rock players i know that have used a 335 often.
Any tips?
Dave Grohl from the Foo Fightersuses a 335, i think you'll be more than fine.
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well theres alot of differance, hollow and semi hollows have one major flaw, notes dont ring out at the same volume in different spots, thats been there downfall for years, thats actually why the solid body guitar was made, they dont have as much sustain and will feedback more, they do offer more acoustic warmer tones. also the have fuller tones and harmonic richness.
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Hi Guys, who can take me away a curiosity. Although I can clearly notice a difference between semihollow guitars and solid body, technically why is there a difference in the sound? I know that the hollow body resonates but is the pick up not supposed just to take the sound from the vibrating string irrespective of what is around it?? That's why there are guitars that are just a little piece of thin wood with strings and PU.. I never fully understood this... thanks!