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It's normal that they keep going out of tune. You need to keep playing and retuning the whole time, the strings got to find their grip on the tuners.
It could take a while btw, as long as half an hour/one hour.


Find their grip?

To the thread starter,

Make sure you have strung up right.

You also need to stretch new strings.

Tune to pitch, then with two or three fingers, gently pull up on each string along its length, then re tune.
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Edit: The above image is pretty useful too, but not necessary as long as you get a few winds around the pegs.

You made a mistake somewhere. Do a google search for replacing strings on an acoustic. You may have wrapped it too few times around the tuner or not wedged the ball end under the bridge pins correctly.

When they're brand new, they will need to be tuned a regularly, but within a few hours they will be perfectly stable.
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Did you stretch your strings after you put them on? I do that every time I re-string and it helps a lot with the tuning issues of new strings.
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All new strings have a little bit of give to them, so they probably just need to be streched out.
eDit: the way to strech them out is by puting your picking arm on the bridge and a finger of the picking hand on the first fret, then grabbing the string and shaking it, followed by retuning it, rinse and repeat. Just rember that the high E can't shook and hard as the low E
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