I have been looking everywhere for a device like a vice that is mounted on an adjustible stand that will fit any acoustic guitar. This will enable me to switch between elecrtic and acoustic; by keeping my elecrtic guitar strapped onto me, I play a couple of riffs, then reach arms around the secured acoustic guitar. I know this exists, and it is very important that I obtain this vice thing as soon as possible!! If you do not understand the summary I have posted of this device above, please go to this link and watch this video.


Notice they still have their guitars on, they just reach over the device with the acoustic guitar secured and can play. If you have any websites or anything that you know of, please tell me. Thank you!!
my guitar players looking for one to... havent seen any anywhere yet though... tell me if you find any please!
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I'm not sure what they're called, but Musicians' Friend sells them. At least they used to. I haven't gotten one of their catalogues in years, but they were around $50 in 2003 or whenever I got my last book. I don't know if that included the stand.