hi.is vox vt100 a good amp for me?
i own washburn x50pro.
i play eveythin from the beatles to black label but most of all alternative (foo fighters)

my budget is about 500 euros.
so should i get vt 100 or maybe some head + cabinet
how do u think?

I don't really think that a VT100 is necessary, the VT50 would do just as well.

Ae you gigging, home use only, or jamming with friends?
I would go for the 30 or 50, unless your gigging. even if your gigging, just mike them.
they are sweet amps, and since there moddeling (and tube) you can pretty well make them do anything. if done loads of beatles and stones on my uncles, and their sweet!
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get a used Vetta combo,way better the vt100
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well yeah im not gigging yet cuz i play only for a year but soon probaly il do something more then bedroom.