i want a new pick up in my rg but i want to make sure it will sound as good as it does in my mahogany guitar. how much does body wood effect certain pickups sound?
Wont get into the details of it but no not overly, alot of people swear by their tonewood but then there are others who have sick sounding plywood guitars. Theres alot of threads and stuff about it if you wanted to look it up.
Bright pickups in brighter woods are still brighter, warm pickups in warmer woods are still warmer (and sometimes muddy). If I recall, the L500XL is a bright pickup, and in a balanced wood it will probably be quite a bit brighter than in your mahogany one.
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Unless you found one on Ebay or just happen to have one already, they haven't made a legit Bill Lawrence pickup in about 2 years. Bill Lawrence USA is NOT the real deal and are counterfits. Mr. Lawrence had a partner back in the day when the company was still one piece. Whenever the company split apart his partner stole the designs and started the Bill Lawrence USA company. These aren't built to the same standards and sound a lot different than the legit version.

However Mr. Bill Lawrence is still making pickups. Check out Wilde Pickups and their website, these are the closest to the real deal you can get.

EDIT: http://wildepickups.com/Wilde_Bill_s_Twin_Blades.html
Scroll down to find the L-500 Series and the information about them
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Meh alot of people think it makes a big difference.

Its only a small change, but if your ears are amazing you might just tell the difference betwen tone woods.

I don't know the specific words for the warmer or brighter, but all I know is that Dimebag, who you have a pic of on your profile, uses mahogany...
I have one in my cheap GRX Ibanez, made out of Basswood. Anyways mine's the Bill and Becky one, and it sounds friggin awesome. I think it sounds better than my Dean From Hell's one..