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Say the number and what languages you speak

I speak 3: Hebrew, Russian and English.
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just english fluently, but I have some german too.
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i speak fluent english, i take french in school, and uesd to take gailec, but suck at both of them
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English (almost fluently I think)
Dutch ofcourse, I take French in school but I suck at it and I used to take German.
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Norwegian and English fluently.
Learning German at school.
And Sweedish I guess, somewhat.
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Norwegian and English fluently. Although I understand Swedish and Danish as well, just can't speak/write it.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

English, Hebrew, German

trying to learn as much Greek as possible
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English and Spanish.

I have a whole list of them I want to learn, I'm thinking about using my schools subscription to rosetta stone to learn italian or polish.
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English and I'm learning Spanish.
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Fluent in Dutch and English, German not so much but I can read it just fine.
English and Spanish fluently, German pretty well, used to be fluently but I haven't been to Germany for 2 years and my German's suffered.
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English fluently.
French and Hindi somewhat.
Extremely little Gujarati.
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Really basic German
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Dutch in various accents, German, English, Spanish, Latin, French and a little bit of Italian. I'm not a very boostful person, but I am proud of my languages.
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english is my 1st language.
i'm in spanish III so i can do quite a bit with it.
and i can someone gay, two faced, and tell them to f*ck off in italian
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English and Dutch fluently, and I have a basic understanding of French, German and Spanish. It's a lot easier to read it than to listen to it, though, and I don't really speak much French and Spanish. German is a lot easier though because it's quite comparable to Dutch.

Oh, and I used to take Ancient Greek and Latin in highschool, but that's been a while...

Wait what?

Nah, fluently? One, English. Extremely broken? Italian.
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Cantonese Chinese
Hakka Chinese
Mandarin Chinese, basic
French but basic, 5 years
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I can speak English fluently.

Auch, Ich spreche Deutsch wie ein Idiot (I speak German like an idiot). My German is pretty crap at best.
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Well I can say 'Sh!t!' in 4 different languages, I know a bit of French and a bit of Latin but I really only speak English.

I like to describe myself as a bi-lingual illiterate... I can't read and write in loads of different languages.
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