Hey, I own a boss md-2 distortion pedal and i can't get any good tone from it
my current gear is Squier Special Strat SE and Peavey Vypyr 30
I'm looking for a Megadeth-ish tone, can you guys help me out? Thanks in advance
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sorry but mediocre guitar > mediocre pedal > mediocre amp isn't gonna give you a great tone.

and to be honest i've never been a fan of the boss distortion pedals. i had the same problem with a ds-1 a while back so i ended up selling it.
The problem is your amp. The pedal works best with a tube amp not solid state. There's not much you can do settings wise sorry.
The pedals works best with a large bonfire actually.

Seriously though, your not gonna get a convincing tone out of that through any amp really, let alone a modeling amp, you can get a better megadeth tone with your vypyr. Try a high gain amp model, 7or 8 gain, 5 bass, 4 mids, 8 or 9 treble.
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MD2 is one of the better Boss pedals out there, but like idiots they discontinued it. Anyway get a better amp, pedals don't work well with modelling amps.
Can you not get close to the sound you want from the amp alone, because you sure as hell should be able to.
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Yea all the stuff a vyper does you shouldnt need a pedal. If you want footswitch access to all the settings buy the pedal that goes with the amp.
Try diming the tone and have the low at about 2 o'clock, dime the gain boost, and have the distortion at noon. That works for me, but i'm using a Kalamazoo Epi
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Can you not get close to the sound you want from the amp alone, because you sure as hell should be able to.


if you want to try the pedal, try rolling the gain boost all the way off, and keep both the tone and bottom knobs below 12 o'clock. set the distortion knob to taste.
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