I'm considering buying a Zune 8GB MP3 Player to replace my old crappy one
Although, I don't want to have to get all my music from the Zune Marketplace because I have all the music that I want to put on it already.

Do I have to buy all the music from them or can I just put the music files I already have right onto the Zune?

You can put music that you have on your PC onto your Zune. It doesn't have to come from the Zune marketplace.
you can use pre-existing files.

microsoft isn't quite that devious.
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yeah u can use what u alredy have, and if u have files that dont work on itunes(2000 of my song dont work on itunes) it will almost certainly work on your zune software, they do for me atleast.
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I don't think I've had any issues with any songs on the Zune software.
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That's like asking if you have to buy from the iTunes store to use your iPod.
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