I'm looking to buy my first electric guitar + amp around Christmas time, but I was wondering when would be the better time to go as far as discounts and sales:

1. Before Christmas
2. After Christmas (boxing day)
3. After New Year's

In which of these three periods am I most likely to find worthwhile sales and deals?
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I know Guitar Center is doing a thing where, if you buy now, the return period doesn't end until January 31. I assume that means prices are going to be constant for the entire period. I don't know if that's the case at other places, though.
If you get money for christmas I vote for that because you can (probably) buy some cool stuff because probably most of the cheap shit is gone...
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get the Schecter C1+ at guitar center a $700 guitar
that is marked down to 399 at guitarcenter
I got it yesterday for the steaL

change the pickups and you instantly have a $1,500 guitar
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