I’m almost sold on the B-52 AT112, but I have a few questions. These relate to my wanting the B-52 not as a cheap rectifier, but because I want a relatively inexpensive amp to use at home that has an effects loop and doesn’t have a shitload of digital effects I probably won’t use.

•*Is there any point to owning this thing if I’ll only be playing it in an apartment for the forseeable future? If I have to blast it to make it sound really good there isn’t really much point.
• Will the tubes start to die after a year of daily play? I’m wondering what I’ll be spending on tubes. If I’m going to end up replacing all the tubes every year it’s getting cost-prohibitive.
It's true tubes sound better louder, but they can still sound pretty decent at lower volumes. I have a 100W all tube Peavey Valve King and I never turn the volume knob past 2 and I still get a good amount of Tube overdrive. As for tubes I think they only need replacing once every 5 years or so. They are built to last for a while. As for cost it depends on how many tubes you're changing and which ones you are. If you're doing a complete retubing it will cost upwards of a couple hundred. Just the power tubes I think won't be too expensive, but then again I"m pretty new to the whole tube thing as well.
Tubes can fail at any time, but it's pretty unlikely that they will.

You should replace power tubes once every 1.5 years, and preamp tubes every 3 years except the phase inverter, which should be replaced every time you replace power tubes.
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Tubes will not cost a couple hundred.

Depedning on how many tubes, if it has say 4 power tubes and 4 preamp, thats about 130ish. You only need to replace them like maybe once every two years for power tubes.
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