My amplifier, a Marshall MG15CD, recently developed a really bad buzzing sound while playing. I'm going to take it to Guitar Center or maybe a local shop to see what it would cost to repair it, but if it's over $50 I'm going to get a new amplifier instead. It isn't all that great, nor suited to my style.

I'm looking for a decent practice amp, 15-30W, good for classic rock, blues, and jazz. At least a couple of built in effects would be nice, like reverb and such, but it isn't a must. I would like it to be under $100, though I could go as high as $150 if it was really worth it.

I have an amp I keep at my dad's house that's pretty nice, a Fender FM15 DSP, and that's pretty close to what I'm looking for. It has a dial to change the amp's "sound" (accoustic, "tweed", British, hotrod, metal), and a nice effects dial. It has a clean sound and isn't too big. I'd use that, except it would cost too much to ship it cross-country. I also don't know if there's better in that price range.

So what would be a good amp that meets my needs?
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Oh god your playing a strat through an mg???

Firstly, ditch the mg asap, crappy amp not suited for anything.

Secondly, the fm your talking about isn't exactly a good amp either, those are 2 of the most ripped on amps here on ug

Thirdly what is your style(you never mentioned)

An lastly I think a peavey vyper would be a great amp for a bunch if different sounds and effects.
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A Peavy Vypyr seems like your only decent option for that price, but it still won't do your guitars justice.
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Yeah, buying the Marshall was a mistake. I'd heard from a friend that Marshalls were good amps, and maybe some are... But that one was just mediocre all the way 'round. The Fender isn't too bad, imo, but if there's something better I'd be glad to see it.

I play a lot of classic rock and blues rock, stuff like Robert Cray, Clapton, a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan, also some Queen, The Who, Eric Johnson. I also play acoustic sometimes, Jackson Browne, the Beatles, etc. And though I don't play it a lot I do like to play some jazz on occasion.
try looking at your local guitar center for used amps. there can be alot of great deals and things you would not think to find. even 4 under 100.
What would be good for $200? I might be able to swing that if I wait a couple paychecks. Also what should I look for in a used amp?
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Good amps under $100 don't exist. Get a job and save your money.

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Sounds like you need a clean amp with a bit of grit.

I would suggest a bit of a save up

But you can get tubes for cheap too(tubes are usually the way you wanna go with classic rock and blues)

Look into the fender superchamp XD


The fender vibrochamp XD

The same thing as the fm you have at your dads but tube tone and better than a frontman.

You may be able to get the vibrochamp at 150$ new I may be wrong though.
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Not much to work with, but I say A Peavey Vyper, Or Spider III 15 (inb4 rants). Not sure what the spider IV price is.
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Look at the:

Vox AC4
Fender Champion 600
(maybe) Epiphone Valve Junior
Blackheart Amps
Blackstar HT-5

You are gonna wanna look used, most of these are over your range by just a bit. They have low wattages, but they're tube amps, which means at 5 watts, they'll be equally loud or maybe louder to a 15-30 watt solid state amp like the Frontman or MG.

I really recommend the Vibro Champ XD. I wrote a mini review on it in this forum. It is well worth the $200 and I feel it is better than the Vypyr in every category.
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Is this what you're talking about?
Best Buy has it for $180. I might be able to afford that by January, or I might be able to convince my folks to get it for me or contribute money towards it for Christmas.
I don't reccomend the AC4 nor the Fender Champion because they cannot get enough gain without pedals (assuming you have none). If you do, they are great choices (and better looking choices IMO)
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yes, that's the one. You should try it first, one mans trash is another mans treasure.
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I like the frontman, but if you play at anything louder than 3, it starts to sound really shitty. Get a spider (it's not that bad guys. For $100, it's one of the best things you can find.) or a vypyr.
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Vibro Champ is your best bet, and though the Vypyr isn't as good tone wise it has loads of effects to toy around with.