So Guitar Center was having its Black Friday Sale, I originally was looking for
Peavey Royal 8
Line 6 Spider IV 15W
Peavey Vypyr 15W
They didn't have the Royal 8, and after trying both the peavey and the line 6, I was disgusted. I was going to leave empty handed, but then I started trying out some other amps. The Egnater (spelling?) half stack was REALLY nice, but it was like 500 for the head only. Then I ended up trying the Vox
and the Bugera
and they were both really good. (The Vox vt15 wasn't bad either)
I really liked the Vox more than the Bugera, it also had a switch that went from 4W to 1W to 1/4W, you could turn the volume all the way up and it would have a nice crunch. It was also really fancy looking.
I decided to try out even more amps and since I am a METAL player, I skipped over the Fender amps. What I thought was a GED Fender was actually a Fender Vibro Champ XD, an all tube 5W, with 16 different voicings and decent effects. I cannot believe that NO-ONE has ever mentioned this amp on UG because this is BAR NONE the best AMP in the $200 price range. I can get sparkling cleans, gritty blues, led zeppelin tones, even an early 80's metallica tone, all without any pedals. I am not exaggerating. Forget about the spiders, vypyrs, and those other creatures. This is THE amp to get. Here's a quick list I made:
*Lightweight (30lbs?)
*Sounds awesome even though it's versatile
*Can go from Marshall tone to even a nice clean jazz tone
*Big for a 5W
*Cannot do "Real Metal" (Behemoth, not even BFMV) without a boost
*Fenderish look
*Single Channel (No footswitch)
*8" Speaker
*Reverb, Delay isn't that great

If you haven't tried this amp, I suggest you try it now. And I'm not biased towards tubes, but tubes really do bring the magic against the other modeling amps. I even record on Guitar Rig 3 (which is excellent for Metal BTW) and I feel that the Fender Vibro Champ XD can emulate some of the sounds that Guitar Rig has and even give some sounds the extra edge to beat out Guitar Rig 3. If you are the classic rock guy and want to have the "power" sound from striking a chord, this is the amp for you.
It can even do Metal with the proper boost (I got the BBE AM64 $20). It can definitely do metalcore and thrash with ease (Not sure about sludge metal or like Suicide Silence Metal)
Posting Pics in a bit, have to make a photobucket account.
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Use the tags, not the html. I'm excited to see this! People talk about the super champ XD a lot around here, but not the vibro champ. Not sure why. I haven't had a chance to play either in person, but I'm going to one of these days.
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*Cannot do "Real Metal" (Behemoth, not even BFMV) without a boost

Lol, those aren't metal.

But did you get that on sale or anything? I thought it was 300, here in canada its like that much anyways.
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I don't know how to make pics smaller and turn them sideways. Oh well. If you haven't played this amp, I'd say give it a try.
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Most of the people here have probably known about the Vibro Champ for a while, it's just that the Super Champ is loads better for the price.