Recently got back into playing guitar again. Used to play in middle school and am now in college so my American Stratocaster has been sitting in my case for about four years. I picked it up to start playing and noticed it had a small chip on the side and some major 'gunk' build-up on the frets. Didn't know if people had any good tips on how to get my guitar into really good condition or any recommendations for strings to use on it, I always used to use D'addario, but didn't know if there were any recommendations. Thanks!
I love D'Addarios myself. I use their 11 gauge nickel-wound and they sound excellent.

As for rehabilitating your guitar (well, cleaning it), either use a damp cloth or, more preferably, a fretboard-cleaning kit like this: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dunlop-System-65-Guitar-Maintenance-Kit?sku=425269

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