It all depends. My guitar teacher has the ME-50, it's pretty good and you get some decent sounds out of it. You might be better off just buying individual pedals, if you find good ones they'll probably be better than having a multi-fx. If you don't actually need all those different fx, just buy individually what you need.

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How are the tonal properties of stop signs, anyway? They're made of aluminum, right?

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I just bought one yesterday. It's actually pretty fun. I haven't gotten into programming anything yet, but it's very easy to use and has a ton of effects. If you're an elitist tone freak who only uses pedals made by hand in the 70's, then it's probably not your thing. But if you're looking for an easy way to get almost any tone you would ever want (and more than a few you would never want), go for it.
Multi-fx units do a job really. I got my my ME50 when i'd been playing for a couple years or so; before I really knew what I wanted in terms of effects/pedals.

I got to have a lot of fun with it and learnt a lot about what I liked the sound of and what I didn't. This wouldn't have been possible at that time because of my lack of music ear, knowledge and experience.

It's now three years later and I want to sell it. I feel like i've outgrown it and it can now be used by someone else who was in my position when I got it.

NB. Also, it's fair to say that not all of the effects sounded great, BUT some of the stuff on there is actually quite good. You're not going to have the best tone in the world, true, but the ME50 is a good little thing to have.

As for the ME70 I haven't tried one but I assume it is going to be much of the same as ^ but with some more things thrown in.
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not to me. digital is crap.

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Maybe you have analog pedals, but really, a digital modeling amp?