I just finished re-mixing an old song I recorded a long time ago. The guitars sound a bit shitty, but that's because I recorded my amp using a cheap computer mic. I also think it's a bit boomy at some points, any tips on how to solve it without removing a lot of the fullness in the track? The bass is a free bass VST plugin. Comments, etc will be appreciated. Oh yeah and I would have double tracked the solo, but I didn't really think about it at the time I recorded the song. There's also some noise at the end of the song, I'll try to take care of that if I can be arsed to do it.

The song is called "Icons of Oppression [remixed]" and can be found on my UG page.
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I think that the kick drum is slightly too loud (I like the tone though)
The snare is slightly meaty and slightly loud.
The cymbals are a bit thin and quiet, I'd try and enhance the fundamental very slightly, because they're a bit toppy.
The guitar could use a bit more 3k.

You could also try cutting the guitar a bit around 600Hz and boosting the bass there, which would bring the growl out a bit more.

It's a very nice recording though, but those are the things I'd suggest.
Agreed. Snare's a bit louder than the mix, and the symbols are a bit too thin. Throw some meat on those cymbals, and I'd personally throw a little more midrange on your left channel guitar. Sounds like you got your left channel with zero mids at all, and your right with no low end. That's all opinion, but I prefer it a little tighter myself. I'd pull the volume on the double bass back just a hair, just ever so slightly. Either that or turn the guitars up a little bit.

Then, personally, I'd take the mix and leave it as that, and turn master volume up a decent bit. I got my laptop blaring as loud as it can and I still have to bring my ear up to the speakers to hear it.

Great material though, bravo.
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the drums are, in general, far too loud -- especially the kick and snare. as such, there's no depth to the mix. it's also very narrow.

there's no low end. boost ~50-100 in the bass and work on widening that out. the kick is really tight and punchy and could use some weight at 70.

i'd actually suggest cutting the guitars at 2.5k-4k. they're already really bright; boosting at 3k would make them even tinnier. boost them a bit at maybe 400.
^ this is obviously depending on the individual tone, but in the case of a marshall style drive, and this more or less is, 3k won't really be tinny per se, that's your presence area. As long as you have a decent low end, you'll just get a bit more of that good ol' fizz (an acquired taste).

Around 1k will give you the almost "honky" high mid, thin sound.