I just bought the rc-2 loop station and have been messing around with it. it is pretty simple to use but I am wondering what else is it capable of doing.
Here is my question.

1.) Lets say you loop 3 riffs playing at the same time. Can you reduce or increase the volume of each riff separately live?

2.) 3 different looped riffs are playing. Can you stop the 2nd riff, but keep the 1st and 3rd riff playing live?

3.) If you have the rc-2 connected to your amp. And you loop riff1, and riff2 on the clean channel. How can you switch to the Drive/Distortion channel without ruining the sound/effects of the current looped riffs. And can you loop with the new channel to sound like the channel actually sounds and keeping the clean channel loops.

Hopefully these questions are not too confusing or answerable.

i have the RC-2 and for the Distortion on amp you have to use a pedal or something on the clean channel before the Rc-2.... i dont care much about the distortion cause i only use it for practice.. if your going to use it live try using it after the amp dist..(effects loop)
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