Poll: What chair do you use while on the computer?
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View poll results: What chair do you use while on the computer?
Normal desk chair
46 40%
Captain's chair
9 8%
shitty plastic chair
7 6%
3 3%
22 19%
4 3%
I roam the land, no single chair is my home
25 22%
Voters: 116.
dude, no option for armchair.

i know, i'm fuckin awesome.
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
a big arm chair if i'm having the bass playing time (in ma dining room), sofa if i'm watching tv, stool if i'm cooking or tv is taken in the living room, or ma bed.

A black one, and it is very comfortable.
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Pretty much this, only more comfortable armsresting things. And bigger.

It's a folding chair with a cushion and no arm rests. It's not too bad
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A rocking chair. Why the hell is that not on the poll?
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I'm on a couch, bitches.


Sadly I know these people
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i use a outside deck chair hahah. it is very comfortable.
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Pretty much this, only more comfortable armsresting things. And bigger.

Something vaugely like that. But since TS did mention a captain's chair, I now want some thing like this.
Bed, Couch, Stool, Lazy boy... so yes, wherever I may roam.
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My bed/a metal outdoor table chair... luckily it has cushions. When my legs start hurting from the chair I switch to the bed. Man I really need to get a new chair lol.
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Pretty much this, only more comfortable armsresting things. And bigger.

That's MY chair!!
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I use a stool 4ft high

.......i want a chair
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laptop on floor, me laying sideways with my upper body partially on a bean bag chair
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
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Pretty much this, only more comfortable armsresting things. And bigger.

Pretty much this, I used to have a piddly little office chair (arm rest-less) but I can now only accept the awesome power of the captain's chair. The arm rests do get in the way when I'm trying to play guitar whilst sitting in it though
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