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*Mods I apolagise in advance if this thread is against the rules, please delete it if it is.

I think it would be cool to see what UG's favourite guitarists are. I will not count any blatantly silly answers.


The guitarist must be in a signed band, so don't name anyone unless they are actually in a legitimate band.

Name 5 guitarists, the first one will recieve 5 points, the second will recieve 4 etc.

You can name more than one guitarist from the same band.

Do not name the same person more than once, even if they appear in more than one band.

You can -1 a guitarist (even if no one has actually voted for them yet). This will deduct 1 point from that guitarist and I will post negative rated guitarists at the bottom of the list.

Please say the name of the band if they are a lesser known guitarist!

I will update the list here after every page of replies. Here is the list updated as of post #44:

1st. Dimebag (16)
2nd. Buckethead (13)
3rd. Paul Gilbert (11)
Michael Amott (10)
Steve Vai (10)
Joe Satriani (10)
Paul Masvidal (9)
Matt Bellamy (8)
James Hetfield (8)
David Gilmour (8)
Zakk Wylde (7)
Eric Clapton (7)
Paul Waggoner (7)
Kirk Hammett (6)
Fredrik Thordendal (6)
Marshall Harrison (5)
Josh Middleton (5)
Alexi Laiho (5)
Chuck Shuldiner (5)
BB King (5)
Steve Howe (5)
Jeff Loomis (5)
Bernard Butler (4)
Allan Holdsworth (4)
Tony Iommi (4)
Mark Tremonti (4)
Myles Kennedy (4)
Steve Morse (4)
Johnny Greenwood (4)
Matt Heafy (4)
Stevie Ray Vaughan (4)
Alex Lifeson (4)
Marty Friedman (4)
Geordie (3)
Pat Metheney (3)
Christopher Amott (3)
Shawn Lane (3)
Lee Mailia (3)
Brendon Small (3)
Emppu Vuorinen (3)
Slash (3)
John Mayer (3)
Daniel Gildenlow (3)
Synyster Gates (3)
Corey Beaulieu (3)
Martin Hagstrom (3)
Steve Hacket (3)
Muhammed Suicmez (3)
Som Wardner (2)
Thomas Erak (2)
Bart Frydrychowicz (2)
Jeff Ling (2)
Greg Howe (2)
Matthew Pugh (2)
Isaac Brock (2)
Doug Aldrich (2)
John Petrucci (2)
Jimmy Page (2)
Al Di Miola (2)
Billy Corgan (2)
Mike Eiziger (2)
Jason Becker (2)
Luke Kilpatrick (1)
Johnny Hiland (1)
Dan Jacobs (1)
Tom Morello (1)
CB Hudson (1)
John Sykes (1)
Kerry King (1)
Claudio Sanchez (1)

Lil Wayne (-1)
Billy Joe Armstrong (-2)
Angus Young (-3)

Lets get this going:

Steve Vai
Dimebag (Pantera)
Joe Satriani
Michael Amott (Arch Enemy)
Paul Gilbert

-1 Synyster Gates

Your turn UG
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I thought this was going to be an actual competition between guitarists in UG.

TS, I am dissapoint.
I thought it would be UGers as well. I'm moderately dissapointed.
Quote by genghisgandhi
Joe Jonas
Courtney Love
Axl Rose
Kanye West


Matt Bellamy (Muse)
Bernard Butler (Suede)
Jordie (Killing Joke)
Som Wardner (My Vitriol)
Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead)

-1 Angus Young


misleading thread title is misleading.

EDIT: ehhhh, I'm still going to play

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (atdi, mars volta)
Travis Stever (coheed & cambria)
Eric Clapton
Matt Skiba (alkaline trio)
Colin Frangicetto (circa survive)
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Quote by genghisgandhi
That was a serious list, just switch Kanye with Lil' Wayne

I misread it. XD
And Lil' Wayne isn't a good guitar player.
He is amazing at the drums though.
Quote by captaincrunk
I thought you meant UG'ers. I am dissapoint.


TS i'm dissapointed
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Maybe we should have a UG top guitarist comp? Didn't we have one a while ago?
Oh well

Paul Gilbert
Thomas Erak
Joe Satriani

-1 Lil' Wayne

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Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone

- Vai

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Lil Wayne
Fred Durst
Kurt Cobain
Whammy Without a Whammy Bar Kid
Your Mom

-Shawn Lane
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Something very similar to this has been done before, except it was better organized. And I too thought it was a competition between UG users...
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Would also like a UG competetion.

*New thread idea spawned*


Alexi Laiho
Michael Ammott
Christopher Ammott
Jeff Ling (Parkway Drive)
Luke Kilpatrick (Parkway Drive)
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Something very similar to this has been done before, except it was better organized. And I too thought it was a competition between UG users...

Ive seen it done with bassits
Marshall Harrison
Allan Holdsworth
Shawn Lane
Greg Howe
Johnny Hiland

-Mark Tremonti
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
Tony Iommi
Eric Clapton
David Gilmour
Joe Satriani

-1 Angus Young
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Ts you dissapoint many,

I hope you're ashamed....

1.Josh Middleton
2.Michael Amott
3.Lee Mailia (stfu)
4.The eyes of a traitor guitarist (if only i knew his name)
5.Paul Gilbert

-1 Alexi Laiho (i went there)
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Hmm, Okay.

Mark Tremonti
Myles Kennedy
Matt Bellamy
Zakk Wylde
Tom Morello

-Billie Joe Armstrong + Chad Kroeger.
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Brendon Small
Joe Satriani
Kirk Hammet
James Hetfield
Emppu Vuorinen

-1 for Synyster Gates

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Steve Vai
Paul Gilbert
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse)
CB Hudson (Blue October)
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Wow, there is a LOT of guitarist to chose from...

James Hetfield
Paul Gilbert
Alexi Laihao

- whoever that green day guy is...


David Gilmour
Eric Clapton
John Mayer
Jimmy Page

-1 for: Dime.

Roger Waters - 12th May!
Paul Waggoner
Paul Masvidal
Daniel Gildenlow
Fredrik Thordendal
Chuck Schuldiner

-1 Dime
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Matt Bellamy (Muse)
Bernard Butler (Suede)
Jordie (Killing Joke)
Som Wardner (My Vitriol)
Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead)

-1 Angus Young

It is Geordie
Synyster Gates
Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieau
Paul Waggoner

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