Tommorow, I get the option to decide what happens about my guitars damage.

I want this guy I bought my BC Rich from to either pay for the repair or refund me. Which do you think he will pick?

What has happened is the low e string was sounding really twangy so I took it to a guitar store and they noticed they screw-like-thing into the box was broken. I was told this would only happen after 20-30 years of ownership.

He said I would have to buy a new pin and a new box, however these are pretty rare in the UK for the liscensed versions, because when I went to the BC Rich dealers website I looked at the one dealer and they didn't have the boxs, but they had the pin (I think).

So, what do you reckon is my best option?
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So, you bought this guitar from someone who does not work for a music shop (such as a friend or a musician you know)? If so, it doesn't really seem like he should be the one paying for your repairs or to compensate you as you bought it.

I can understand if the guitar was from a company, as their products are suppose to be in good working condition to began with.
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well if he didn't mention the damage you are entitled to get your money back, as ebay transactions are covered by the law, and seeing as it was not as described your entitled for your money back, or get them to fix it
* All warrantees are voided if returned product is found to be abused, scratched, mishandled, mislabeled, modified, or altered in any way.
* Customer is responsible for proper packaging of RMA returns. All warranties will be void on items that are returned inadequately packaged.
* Merchandise returned under warranty as defective will be tested. Where the finding is contrary to the complaint a Technical fee of not more than $25.00 and the return shipping charges will be posted to the relevant account before the item(s) is return the customer.
* Any wrong, missing, or damaged item must be reported to RMA department within 24 hours of receipt via E-mail or fax.
* Customers are responsible for paying any freight charges incurred by refused shipment and undeliverable goods. An additional 15% restocking fee will be deducted on each undeliverable item(s) in the refused shipment.

We are not responsible or liable for the loss of any data regardless of how caused. The customer is responsible for backing up all information before the product is shipped for repair or replacement.
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link to the auction?
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It says new in the ad. New usually implies free of defect.
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email them and let them know that there's a problem with the guitar. If they offer to fix it, great. If they offer to refund you, great. If they moan, tell them to look up sections 13, 14 and 48A-C of the sale of goods act 1979.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
if it doesnt say in the description or title there are problems with it then you are suppose to be able to get your money back if he doesnt say sold as is or anything like that. contact him and ask for your money back or find out the cost of it to get fixed and if it's less than the guitar ask him to cover that if you can find the parts. if he doesnt reply contact ebay.
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Very nice guitar. I am not sure how hard it is to get BC Rich in the UK you might get your money back but never get a guitar for that price again. It sounds like a simple repair you might be better off asking the seller if he can obtain the part send it to you and get it fixed locally. I my self would have just got the parts fixed it and not worried about it. I wish I knew exactly what part you are talking about. It could really help. What are they saying it would cost to fix?