anyone know any good festivals that will be happening in the summer of '10?
Woodstock 1969.

Wait, what?
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summerfest, lollapalooza, warped tour are probably the biggest
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Sasquatch! Festival. I went to it last year. It was amazing.
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My friends and I are hitting up Bonnarroo and Warped Tour next summer
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Heard Shambhala was pretty good (dont know if thats in the US or Canada though)

Always heard that the states are pretty shit when it comes to larger festivals though.

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I think im going to start a festival next summer. I can imagine the whole thing turning Flight Of The Conchords with only three people there.
Probably going to Bonnaroo next summer. It'll be pretty crazy though; I have to leave with my friends as soon as I finish graduation, haha.