I need help using my Alesis Multimix 8 USB as both my input and my sound card so that I can get the lowest latency I can.
So far I've set the USB Audio CODEC as my only output in the Control Panel and disabled all other sound controllers in my Device Manager.
In REAPER in ASIO4ALL I set the input as USb Audio CODEC as well as the output.
I connected my speakers to the Phones out on the interface and when I play something in iTunes and I check the volume on Vista it says there is output but I hear nothing and the same thing is happening with Reaper.

To sum it up or if you want to skip the long read: How can I use my interface as both an input to record and a sound card for my computer to get some low latency.
Make sure you have the latest drivers from the Alesis website and that you have installed them to the specs of the online manuals.
Sometimes you may have to restart the computer after doing all this setup on the control panel to play anything off your desktop, (such as itunes).

Also you dont need to download AISO4ALL as you should get ASIO drivers packaged with the download of the drivers for the interface. Installing both ASIO softwares may cause issues.