Hey everyone, I just got the recordings from the Metallica show I went to, Nov 12. I went to play along with the recordings, and the first thing I noticed was that it was off. Now, I know that my guitar is in tune, and I checked on the songs originals to make sure.
It would always sound as if it were half a step lower than what I was playing. i know that this is common to help the singers voice, but is it possible that how it was recorded (ie, from a distance, loud crowd around) could have any affect in this. They do tune down on some songs, but this is only half a step, even on their newest songs, which seems odd.

Any explanation would be helpful.


If you got the official recording, and not a bootleg, there shouldn't be any change in pitch from the recording. They probably did detune to make singing easier, even on the new songs Hetfield may have more trouble singing in the original key night after night as opposed to in the studio. As well, they may have detuned just to sound heavier.
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Nowadays Metallica uses Eb tuning live

In the Load and Reload era

Pretty sure they're on D standard now
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i was at their Nov 12 show in albany. It was AWESOME!!

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That use Eb tuning. My best friend went to a show, and on the recording for Seek and Destroy I noticed that. Just tune your guitar down.
pretty much all their songs are a half step down from what they were originally recorded in
for load and reload they actually recorded in Eb so the songs from those albums will sound the same live
k thanks, it was Eb, definentaly not Dstandard, I just thought that they might play some of their newer stuff in E cause in general, the vocals are lower.


you can change the pitch of the song with most of the audio editing software out there. Try Audacity or something.

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