Hi Guys,

Just thought i'd share my current experience with my voice and wanted to know if it's fine, if it's normal and pointers for where I could improve now, like where is my next level, what should be my next goal.

I've kind of been singing for as long as I can remember, and started writing silly songs when I was 9 with my keyboard, just rhyming anything I could, and my voice was just horribly whiny, as a 9 year olds would be.

When I was 12 in my first band I took backing vocals, but it was just talking with notes more than anything for me, nothing I would really describe as singing. When I was 14 I started another band and pretty much started off the same way as my previous band, but as I started coming out of my shell I started to sing.

I know they say people who do this can't actually sing, but I found it so much easier to sing half a step down and really started developing and within 6 months was fronting the band and singing as much as I could.

When puberty ended my voice lost two tones off the top which made me feel disheartened a bit, because I liked the range I had and now need to go in falsetto for my vocals to reach them good notes.

I have developed a strong falsetto which I can hold a note for a really long time, with it sounding full, in tune, not wobbly and also without cracking, I can also make a strong transition from my chest voice to my falsetto without a noticeable shift.

I sing in falsetto a lot now, and have a similiar range to Paul Stanley of KISS and although not as powerful as his yet, it's not far off. Is it something I can work on, strengthening my falsetto even more so It sounds fuller? and what else should I look into for them Paul Stanley/80's styled vocals?