me and my father are deciding to make an amp cabinet. we have the amp cabinetry down, but for speakers, we are clueless. what would you guys recommend?

please take these things into consideration

1. value
2. sound
3. watts
4. how many speakers?

i'm look for speakers with tons of "oomph" because i tend to play metal.
i'm looking for quality speakers, as in i don't want to have to purchase different speakers after these..

help is greatly appreciated.

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How many speakers in the cab?

I'd suggest the classic Celestion Vintage 30, or its clone the Warehouse Veteran 30.
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I wouldn't recommend speakers for building a cabinet, to be fair.

Stay with me here, but have you thought about using tools? You know, saw, screws, screwdrivers and so on...maybe some glue?

For speakers (Drivers) to put IN the cabinet once made, you should probably consider what you will be driving them with...meaning, what output Amp do you have?
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I'd get Celestion Vintage 30s, 60 watt each so in a 4 12, 240 watts should be plenty, they sound very clear, in my opinion the best speakers by celestion.
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Sorry if this is too late. No-one can recommend you a speaker because the sound you want is so personal, however if you go with Eminence or Celestion you will be buying a quality product and both of them have sound clips on their websites so you can choose the sound you want.

If you haven't done your build yet this is a good site to help you calculate the dimensions of your speaker cab
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