this isnt really a thread asking which guitar to get, its more what kind. i have a about 200$ or so left over and i wanted to buy another guitar, but my dilemma is: classical, semi-hollow, or amp? my birthday is in about 2 months and i could get the amp for my birthday, but im not too sure. heres what i would get in each category:
classical: ibanez G series GA5 (re-strung lefty)
semi hollow: one of those xaviere semi hollows (not sure which one, re strung lefty)
amp: fender vibro champ XD
what should i get? keep in mind: birthday, 2 months = amp
approx. 200$ limit
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I would get an amp. For 200 bucks if you shop around you could probably get a 2x10 or 2x12 for that money, if you're into combos or solid states. If you're into tube amps I would save way more to get one.