I have looked around the net but didn't really find much help. I want to know how old my marshall JCM900 1960A cabinet is. I took some pictures of the speakers

I don't know what this is supposed to indicate exactly, but the "91" stuck out to me?

any help is appreciated
That's not 91, its 16 ohms upside down.
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Quote by madmike17
That's not 91, its 16 ohms upside down.

Exactly. .

TS, I don't think there is anyway that we can tell you how old your cab is from those pics.

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Ah, I thought that looked like the ohm symbol

edit: does the serial number on the back plate tell anything?
Amp serial number=/=guitar serial number.

I may be wrong. As usual.
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im 99.99% sure that this cab is made around 80'-mid 90'

i can be wrong though
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Marshall cabs are notoriously hard to date. The serial won't tell you anything and there won't be a production date/inspection sticker to go by. Basically you either need to know the original owner or settle for a time period rather than a specific date.

1990-1999 is when the JCM 900 and it's reissues were in production so your cab was built sometime in that 9 year window.
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