Seven Years

(verse 1)
I've ended everything I've ever felt
and cut loose all those ties
don't want to be connected to you
looking away from all those lies
the things that you said to me,
still ring in my ears
still burning in my thoughts
even after all these years

I've been waiting,
seven long years,
for you to call out my name.
Ive been hating,
for seven long years,
everything you became.

(verse 2)
I once was found,
but now I am lost.
laid out on the ground,
with a heart that was crossed.
I don't want to run anymore,
and I don't want to hide,
but I'm still kinda scared,
of what I could find.


oh the silence,
Is killing me,
you cut my tongue out,
and watched me bleed.
oh the silence,
is eating me alive,
stand back from my cage
and watch me die.


(verse 3)
in case you didn't realize
im still blood soaked and traumatized.
with the engravings on my chest,
and the words that lay me down to rest.
and in case you didn't realize
I'm still blood soaked and traumatized..
and the seven years are just not enough
to forgot all of your goodbyes.
dude...seriously that 1st chorus and verse 2 hit me like a kick to the throat with a golf shoe....very nice.
Wow! This was excellent! Great flow throughout and just pretty much great everything. I agree that you should change the name, but that's just me. I personally don't like using words from the chorus as my titles as many people like to do, i like to pick some word or phrase out of the verse or bridge that hits hard and kinda summarizes the piece. Just something to think about...
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.
Eh, I don't care for that title as well... But the song's lyrics are just amazing!