hey all,
I'm helping my uncle start up a small home studio today. the basic idea of the set up (starting from source) is a guitar, plugged into a Lexicon omega interface which is hooked to a dell laptop (running windows xp...)via usb and a PA system via audio cables/headphone jack. We successfully installed everything onto his dell laptop and managed to get sound out from the computer to the PA speakers (using itunes).
However, once I plugged a guitar in to the lexicon, right away It played clean through the PA system (basically the signal went right from the interface to the PA without going to the laptop for Guitar Rig.
When this was sorted out and we got Guitar rig to work and got the sound to register, i noticed that both the distorted tone out of guitar rig was being played at the same time as the original clean tone that was playing before. Its annoying as hell and we can't figure out what the issue is.
I apologize for terribly describing the situation. If anyone understands this and can Help it would be greatly appreciated.
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If I read correctly, you have the pa coming out of the headphone monitor jack on the interface? Shouldnt you have it coming from the headphone jack on the laptop itself?

The way i see it, the interface doesn't do any signal processing, so by listening to the monitor at that point in the signal chain you are "cutting in" so to speak before all the processing happens in the computer itself.
There may be a 'mixer' control on your interface, it should be all way to playback rather than inputs.