me and my friends were discussing this before break, but I figured I need some other opinions as well.

We were discussing what videogames would be fun to play with your friends while you all were drunk. We mentioned games like Smash Bros, Rock Band, and Wii sports, but what others are there.

Since I'm sure some of the pit has been to parties and have been drunk with friends, what videogames are fun to play while intoxicated is what I ask.

So yeah, what onces..... ?
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When I'm drunk I like to think the world is a video game and I'm winning.
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Any game, really.

Like the game of love.
Rainbow 6 Vegas, is a good one.
14 drinks of whiskey, then play Tango hunt for 3 hours.
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Any games you enjoy sober that don't feature rapid camera changes
Goodness gracious me!
ive heard guitar hero was good wen ur high, but i think any fighting would be fun drunk
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i played modern warfare 2 drunk the other day.... bye bye good kill/death ratio.

srsly how did i die over 300 times in a single match. i do like playing fifa while drinking though and doing shots when you concede a goal
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smashbros is the very best if your drunk. uh, racing and fps are also awesome when your drunk. something simple and mindless that needs reflexes and a little bit of strategy.
Forza, I was so drunk I crashed clean into my mate who was purposely waiting at the end of a long straight to get me.

I didn’t even see him....

Aslo Modern Warfare 2, I actually did better drunk.
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Me and my friends used to play guitar hero after a night of heavy drinking. It was amazingly fun.
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That only games I've played drunk have been Left for Dead and Halo 3, both of which were a lot more fun.
sports games and fps are all we seem to play when we're drinking, theres something more satisfying about blowing yer friends face off or scoring 10 goals on them when youre inebriated.
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I find that video games are more immersive while stoned, drinking for me usually ends up in a fruitless, yet entertaining hunt to lose my virginity somewhere, and run from it so it shall never find me.
try and beat super mario bros on thhe 64
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Me and my friend played through one of the newer COD games while drinking a while back... I don't really remember it at all, except when we were driving tanks around completely lost for like an hour, and then we got to some part where it was really dark and we couldn't see at all and we were shitfaced and finally said to hell with that and we arm-wrestled a few times.

don't try Unreal tournament while drunk though, it's waaaay too fast.
Me and a couple of mates once played halo while drunk, with forfeits for every death.

It ended up with everyone running stark naked round my friends house singing Vivaldi's Gloria.
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