Yes vinyl. Them big black things. Today i've started my collection by buying my first ever vinyl. Its the original Interpol "Slow Hands" single limited to 3000.

I have now decided not only does vinyl look cooler, it can (sometimes) sound better.

Any uger's collect vinyl? Any vinyl, wether it be for playing, mixing or scratching.
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There's a pretty big vinyl thread already man.
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We have a big vinyl thread.

But yes, as UG's resident hipster all of my physical music collection is vinyl. Over 400 albums.
Ya, check my collection. I got all this and some Beatles records not shown.

Goodness gracious me!
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Ya, check my collection. I got all this and some Beatles records not shown.

Win, good sir
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well i'm in heriting a large collection including an immaculate copy of sgt peppers lonly hearts club band from the 60's and 1st pressing of another album which includes an engraved message from the artist and one of the people that pressed it
I have a decent collection, probably around 80-85.
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i think my dad has some ccr
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I have a bunch of Beatles and Jackson 5/Michael Jackson records my dad gave me. (He has a couple hundred) My girlfriend got Axis: Bold as Love on vinyl free from a friend, I'm thinking of buying it off her
I bought an OP of Dylan's Blonde on Blonde record recently. I love listening to records.
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