I just started to learn this Arsis song by ear today and I'm trying not to look at any tabs. For the first riff of this song I'm pretty sure there playing this, but I've ran into a problem:


Is it even possible to hit the 5-8-12-8-5 that fast? I was thinking about tapping it but it really sounds like it was hammered on. Maybe that's not even the right notes? Can someone help me out? Also sorry if this is the wrong section for this.
The 12 is tapped for sure; watch live videos of them.

Arsis btw.
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It sounds like it's hammered on and thus all on the same string.

well then tap it as the last guy said, a hammer on sounds identical to a tap if your technique is proper and not sloppy.
You could use the 7th fret on the C string. Alternately, you could tap it. Tapping it ought to sound like a hammer-on.