Im bringing this chick to this show happening in the best underground venue in Montreal.

Its Beehler (basically 2/3 of Exciter), Metalian and Onodruin.

She's not really into metal, but might be willing to have an open mind and check it out. (I put myself through twilight, so goddam right she better have an open mind )

Exciter is heavy metal.. but it's a ROCKNROLL heavy metal. A kind of heavy metal I feel that anyone can tolerate at the very least.

Beehler, on their myspace, I heard one track and it was very... ''HRRRRR!!!!''

She's not gonna stand seeing a bunch of old guys trying to be HEAVY AS FUUUUUCK
So my question is who here has seen Beehler ? Do they play mostly old exciter tunes to make all the headbangers happy or do they play shitty modern beehler tracks ?

Feedback would be great, guys.

No idea about any of the bands, but I'll just point out that if you want to get laid, don't take her to a metal show for god's sake.
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Take her to a Cannibal Corpse gig, girls like I Cum Blood.

addicted to vaginal skin is always a party starter too