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18 32%
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26 46%
3 5%
1 2%
1 2%
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2 4%
2 4%
3 5%
Voters: 57.
Inspired by the "Which European country would you go to" thread.
I would say Argentina or Colombia. I've been to Brazil and liked it a lot.
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Brazil to have sex with the women.
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I'd like to go to Brazil one day. I think I'm going to Peru next year anyway.

SONISPHERE was amazing!
GORILLAZ 12th November

I want to go back to Zimababwe

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Brazil so I can fondle some delicious boonda.
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Argentina, since I know some babes there. If not that, brazil.
Argentina, did a project on it once. Seems like a nice place.
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Either Argentina or Brazil, though I would like to see the Incan ruins. I was gonna say, "Where's Panama?" but then I mentally facepalmed and realized.

No one wants to go to Panama
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December 14, 2017
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. All in one go.

And I will do the tango in Argentina. It will be awesome.
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Oh shit, I thought Colombia was in Brazil.

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Argentina, and Chile as a second vote; I have friends that are from both

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Argentina because the women are gorgeous, and everyone likes to party.