Any thoughts on this ?
I'm thinking of getting this for my shure sm57 when going to university..
The Shure X2u is an ok unit, a little high in price IMO but still good for small use.

For $200 you can get some really nice interfaces to just use wherever. PreSonus came out with a mini version of the large Firestudio Project...not sure of it's price though and it is Firewire, not USB2.0.
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you can get a used Presonus Audiobox (or something simmilar) for the same price and it will be much better, this seems overpriced and also something that's more aimed at podcasters and whatnot.
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Actually I'm speculating on getting the package. I have a shure sm58. And i also want to buy an sm57, but there's one that comes with an adaptor for $199 US. So I dunno. I already have a preamp, but I don't wanna bring with me.