Ok, basically, at the moment I have a Cort X-2 which isn't a terribly bad guitar, but it's fairly cheap and the neck pick-up has packed in now... anyway, I was wondering if a PRS SE custom or singlecut would be worth buying as a step up to my current Cort. i.e would it make a big difference or would I be worth saving up a bit more and getting a more expensive guitar (maybe take a couple of years :S)
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Moving up from a cheap guitar to a good one can do wonders for your playing abilities. The PRS Se series, and particularly the Singlecut versions, are outstanding guitars; especially for the money. They are fine guitars even if you ignore the price. It would be a sound purchase and would probably help you increase your playing skills, if for no other reason than you will be inspired to play your guitar more often.
I played one the other day at GC and liked it. They've gotten really great reviews from what I've read. I'd go play one at a local music store if possible. I'm curious as to what other people have to say about them though.
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just bought a SE custom double cut 24 for 500 bucks a few weeks ago...I am in love, cant put it down, Go for it.

Its F*&^$%$ Sweet, tone is outstanding, neck is smooth as a babies butt covered in butter.

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i'd go for it. they play good, sound good, and look good. without having a ton of money, there's not a whole lot out there that'll be much better.
Thanks guys, this has been really helpful. Hopefully going at the weekend to my local store. They've got 2 SE Customs, 2 Singlecuts a Tremonti and an SE standard so i'll try em all

Out of these options, which comes recommended most?
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