I have very basic theory skills and cant seem to get sad/depressing chord progressions. I understand the use of minor chords and other things of that nature would help but can't get one to sound right. so are there any prgressions that would sound sad or depressing.
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One rather depressing chord progression is a simple i-iib5-V-i:

Am- Bmb5 - E - Am

Don´t know where you are in theory, but a diminished minor triad (mb5) consists of the harmonic intervals 1 3b 5b, or for Bmb5: B D F.

otherwise a good place to start is something simple only involving the tonic, subdominant and dominant, for example:


But really, just play around with different chords, see what sounds good. Keep in mind you won´t really get a resolve in a minor key without the V chord. Also, you don´t need to play in a minor key or even use minor chords in your progression to create something sad, but it´s a good place to start.

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Not to be rude, but isn´t that a tad unhelpful? Naturally what matters most is how you use your chord progressions, but he´ll probably have a hell of an easier time writing something sad sounding in a minor key than say, over a I-IV-V-I progression.