im buying a new guitar in the 1600 dollar price range. My top two choices are:

fender american deluxe tele - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-American-Deluxe-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=511147


g&l asat classic bluesboy - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/GL-ASAT-Classic-BluesBoy-Electric-Guitar?sku=510981

my playing style is music like radiohead and coldplay so mostly alternative. If u couldn't tell, i like tele's.

which should i choose?
the fender seems better from what the specs on the site says, and ive played the tele before. but ive never played the g&l before. if it were me, i'd go with the fender. the pickups seem awesome.

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the pickups do seem awesome. But i also feel like the g&l is more versatile because it has the humbucker. I've also heard some good things about it.
I dunno, but go play them and decide for yourself perhaps?
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My fender deluxe tele is easily the best playing guitar I have ever owned and it is my go-to guitar for anything. You might want to change the pickups though, as they are rather dull and sterile, but they do as they are told and have absolutely no background noise. A great guitar for a great price, and the s1 feature is actually useful.

But really, I love this guitar more than life. If I, under the incredible chance that jigsaw came and put me in a trap that would have me choose between beating my future unborn children to death with my tele or watch my guitar get destroyed in front of me, and had to choose, I am fairly sure that the intonation would be fine after the brutality against my children is finished.

Yes. I love my guitar that much.
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G&L they are just awesome guitars.
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