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My favorite has to be Daniel Earwicker. He's become something of a Youtube mainstay in the past couple of years, at first because of his covers (mostly Smiths stuff, that's how I stumbled upon his page) but soon due to his fantastic original compositions.

It absolutely kills me how top-notch his recordings are, and how he just gives them away. Serious props to this guy.

So any other fans? Or, are you a fan of any other musicians on Youtube? (i.e. Ronald Jenkees, kazookelele guy, etc.)
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These guys are amazing. They do some of the EHX demo videos too.
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fairly certain sandi thom made her name on youtube, not so big now but that song "i wish i was a punk rocker" was all over the airwaves a couple of years ago.
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Marshall Harrison. I don't know if I'd call him explicitly a "youtube" musician, but it's where he does a good chunk of his public stuff currently.
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Mattrach, because he's french :P

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Killrbuckeye is pretty legit. Musicman1066 or whatever his profile is is pretty good too.
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Daniel Owen, FTW. He isn't famous, but NO ONE. I mean, No one But batio lays faster then He does. i'm dead serious :|

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Daniel Owen, FTW. He isn't famous, but NO ONE. I mean, No one But batio lays faster then He does. i'm dead serious :|

i could name quite a few, actually
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I can't stand most YouTube guitarists. Especially MattRach and Gustavo Guerra.
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KillrBuckeye for the f***ing win
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There used to be a pianist called kyle leandry (don't know if i misspelled his last name). He mostly played his own versions of famous video-games/anime songs but damn it, they were real good.

Also a Chinese person that plays bloody tears on the piano, can't remember his name right now
i like that kid band on youtube called stillpending, theyre pretty good for a bunch of 13 year old kids









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Please search Katethegreat19, lonlonjp, AdanteLargo, and Sungha Jung. Last 3 are all classical guitar players.
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